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Cwk3t's Account Info
Character NameCwk3t
Last LoginJun 19 2021
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Cwk3t's Skill Sheet
X Attack9920,031,735
X Defense9920,055,840
X Strength9920,056,020
X Hits9920,049,065
X Ranged905,367,900
X Prayer9913,094,700
X Magic9925,625,890
X Cooking72929,250
X Woodcut70763,885
X Fletching66535,395
X Fishing761,467,650
X Firemaking61306,700
X Crafting66504,565
X Smithing62362,545
X Mining751,287,165
X Herblaw62347,850
X Agility57204,705
X Thieving56197,480
X Hunt10
X Runecraft4996,330
X Slayer63402,305
X 10


1: Sixty9below0
2: matt
3: runbi
4: Cwk3t
5: dreamcat
6: Bald
7: xor
8: Nitro
9: Apelsin
10: React
Experience Rates
All Skills
5x or Subbed 10x
Combat Skills Wilderness
25x or Subbed 30x
+10x Edgeville Boost


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