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    The first day of fall is upon us. Beautiful times in nature and additions and future updates in our runescape classic world, RSCArea. Now is the time to get a character built and ready for the winter. Once they're built you can enjoy the pking, staking, and slayer dungeons, and mini games.
As we continue our venture within rscarea more people have requested/voiced their opinions on this and some have been heard!
First we have a New Game Client, get it from the Game Tab above.
New Client Features:
First of we have the ability to resize your client to about 7 different presets with the ability for Full Screen.
To do so, all the controls are located in the chisel next to your friends list.
Commands for the game have been moved to the RSCAREA tab within your skill menu.
Ability to block Wild Chat within your wrench settings.
New quests added to the list for future adventures.
Clicking a menu choice should seem smoother. ie logout, banker, other npc talk.
A handful of new items have been added for future content development.
Server changes, additions, and fixes:
Use ::Wild message to chat all pking/wilderness related talk.
Use ::say for friendly global talk to buy/sell and chat with players online. (Warning. any wild chat in this will result in mute.)
We are trying to keep this as kosher as possible if people do not want to hear the banter then they have the option to block the Wild Chat.
Slave top/bottom Robes now give a Better prayer bonus than any in the game.
Disk of returning is now sold for 5 slayer coin from Robin Lee.
Command ::Dragons, ::varrock, and ::onlinelist removed. The aforementioned disk will now teleport to varrock. The online count will be added to the website main homepage.
Portal Teleports/Locations have changed a bit. RSCAREA Dynasty, Lava Maze added.
Item description for Herb Certs corrected.
Slayer Ogre has been added to the Varrock Slayer store building.
The new quest will be coming out soon to advance in the Slayer skill and start getting tasks from him.
Final Thoughts
New adventures, Items, Challenges are coming as we need more of this in runescape classic RSCAREA.
We have made it the the First page in the google search now, so it will help to get us seen more.
HEY GUYS ITS FALL! Grab some coffee, banana bread, pizza, other goodies and lets play some runescape classic RSCArea.
All the Best Trill RSCAREA.

    Thank you all for your continued support. We've had more players opinions and thoughts, Which are now being implemented into the game. To continue the journey in rscarea all the f2p quests will be brought into the game periodically as we have 7 left to add. Players seem to like questing, so questing we shall have.
Additions and Fixes:
Ranging All Dragons with a longbow or shortbow is allowed being dealt manageable fire breath damage.
Exception: when ranging KBD your hits will be weakened.
* Thought went into everything when adding in Ranging of dragons this way*
The Black Knight's Fortress Quest has been added into the Game.
Crafting of Gold and Silver is now batched depending on Skill Level.
Bug if you attacked or talked to npc it would sometimes follow indefinitely should be fixed.
Runecrafting and Crafting display error and texts polished.
::varrock command is now longer allowed inside of the KBD Lair.

More Coming in the next couple days over the weekend!
All the Best Trill RSCAREA.


Server Status ONLINE
Characters 240
Forum Members 252
Experience Rates
Combat: 7x or 11x Wild
Skill: 7x
Subbed character boosts speeds 50%
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2: matt
3: dreamcat
4: xor
5: Nitro
6: Apelsin
7: Sikuma
8: m8s
9: famiglia
10: B e a t z


Help continue our promise to make RSCArea great!