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#1 2021-04-18 11:44:12

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Dragons and Demons switched a bit.

hey all,

Wanna inform everyone on the demons and dragons.
First the black demons at bandit camp and black dragons under lava maze a removed.
They have been re-added into the caged area in the wild where the red dragon are located(29 wild).

Easter Eggs -  be sure to use up your colored eggs over the next week as the Mr.Easter Bunny will be taking off.

After this there will be a new Guy in town called Dimintheis that will run the next Event. Up for grabs will be multiple colored Halloween Masks, Pumpkins, possible Scythe! There Should be a powerful sorcery Boss and other tasks to do throughout this event, so Take the time to train up a character! Mage, Range, and Melee will come in handy.

all the Best


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