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RSC birthday? lets always remember

Discord --

RSCArea is online to play and has been since august 8th. Anything obtained during playing whether stats or items will be kept. The server has been dead for a while now there was issues with forum accounts being made, which lead to character creation issues, along with the staleness of rsc.

  We are turning this ship around to provide a fun environment of all the things in rsc that we loved. WE are going to focus on getting rares flooded into the game which will get staking going along with the nostalgia of have them on your character. Start utilizing the RSCArea Dynasty bases in the wild and bring bosses and minigames to get pking going. We need faster experience rates for new players and old to get stats rather quickly(sooner rather than later), so this will happen.

  Lets make this crazy world where everyone who plays can have an idea or something they want to see implemented into the game in one way or another(or close to it).

Spread the word of the discord that was just created to regroup our troops. This process will happen over the next month and RSCArea will always remain online to play during this time.   
We Think, Therefore We Are.

We Think, Therefore we Are.


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