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RSCArea Game Rules
These rules must be followed in order to acheive the community we are striving for at RSCArea. If you are caught doing something considered "disruptive" that isn't listed below, a moderator reserves the right to take immediate action necessary to ratify the problem.
If you feel inappropriate action has been taken against you, please contact an administrator for further discussion. Your request will be low priority and will be seen when time is available, so please just follow these simple rules.

General Rules:

The following is not allowed and will result in consequences -

1. Bot all you want? No, using a macro to do automated tasks for your character is frowned upon as it takes away from every part of the community we are trying to build. Doing such activities will result in a Ban of you character from RSCArea.

2. Hacking, Scamming, and other forms of stealing.

3. Overly offensive language, direct attacks, and other forms of "spam". We understand there will be banter, but please do not take it to far.

4. Knowingly exploiting bugs. Be sure to pm an Admin in the event something is critically wrong. Else when found out your character will have consequences, which you may not like.

5. Impersonating staff when you are not.

6. Suggesting to another to break rules.

7. Advertising other websites or servers in-game or otherwise. We understand that players will talk about other servers and that's ok. Players will decide which they like and play on. More importantly, We do not advocate spamming servers in-game in any form, so do not do it. This will result in a ban right on the spot, as it hurts the community.

8. Asking staff for items. Items must be found or obtained through skilling, marketing or monsters. Administrators and moderators do NOT interact with the economy in ANY form.

9. Disrespecting staff. Our staff are dedicating their "Free time" to help build our RSCArea community. Please keep it clean or let an administrator know if you can't come to a conclusion.

10. Global chat abuse. It's intended for marketing, staking, pking, locating other players, and in-game discussion. Using it to vent about the server is frowned upon. If you have a problem with something use the private messaging function to set up and meet with an Amin or Mod. Abusing global chat will result in a mute.


We strive to maintain a fair community, and by creating an account at RSCArea , you agree that you are aware of all rules. Now lets play some runescape classic - RSCArea.


Server Status ONLINE
Characters 240
Forum Members 252
Experience Rates
Combat: 7x or 11x Wild
Skill: 7x
Subbed character boosts speeds 50%
1: Sixty9below0
2: matt
3: dreamcat
4: xor
5: Nitro
6: Apelsin
7: Sikuma
8: m8s
9: famiglia
10: B e a t z


Help continue our promise to make RSCArea great!