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Jack swag's Account Info
Character NameJack swag
Last LoginSep 11 2020
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Jack swag's Skill Sheet
X Attack771,499,833
X Defense72942,766
X Strength751,296,637
X Hits751,247,612
X Ranged10
X Prayer3013,760
X Magic10
X Cooking63374,010
X Woodcut3420,650
X Fletching10
X Fishing64423,430
X Firemaking10
X Crafting10
X Smithing10
X Mining10
X Herblaw10
X Agility10
X Thieving156
X Hunt10
X Runecraft10
X Slayer10
X 10


Server Status ONLINE
Characters 260
Forum Members 338
Experience Rates
Combat: 7x or 11x Wild
Skill: 7x
Subbed character boosts speeds 50%
1: Sixty9below0
2: matt
3: dreamcat
4: xor
5: Nitro
6: Apelsin
7: Sikuma
8: m8s
9: famiglia
10: B e a t z


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