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Make Lvl 61 Stakers min 60 def, Lvl 38 1 def pures for Events!

The Goal is keep adding content for best RSC Play!

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RSCArea Dynasty Camps 30 Wild!

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Guide to Play RSCArea
Hello you must be new and are looking to be able to log in to the game. Well, it is very simple to get online and play by following these simple steps.

1: Register on the forums and log in.
2: Go to RSCArea Home at the top of the page, go to Character Management tab and down to My Characters. These characters names and passwords are the ones that you will be using to log in to the RSCArea game.
3: Go to the Game tab, Client Download to download it from drop box.

Once you have the client downloaded on your desktop simply right click on it and select open with java.
Once the client has loaded - log in with the characters that you have created in Character Management, My Characters. See you online!


1: Cwk3t
2: Sixty9below0
3: matt
4: runbi
5: dreamcat
6: Bald
7: xor
8: Nitro
9: Apelsin
10: React
Experience Rates
All Skills
5x or Subbed 10x
Combat Skills Wilderness
25x or Subbed 30x
+10x Edgeville Boost


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