Happy November!

Make Lvl 61 Stakers min 60 def, Lvl 38 1 def pures for Events!

The Goal is keep adding content for best RSC Play!

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Downloadng the RSCArea Client below you agree to follow the simple Game Rules.
Please note: Java is needed to run client. Download it from Java Website Here.

RSCArea.jar <---Client April 4th 2021

RSCArea Client <---DropBox April 4th 2021


1: Cwk3t
2: Sixty9below0
3: matt
4: runbi
5: dreamcat
6: Bald
7: xor
8: Nitro
9: Apelsin
10: React
Experience Rates
All Skills
5x or Subbed 10x
Combat Skills Wilderness
25x or Subbed 30x
+10x Edgeville Boost


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