Happy November!

Make Lvl 61 Stakers min 60 def, Lvl 38 1 def pures for Events!

The Goal is keep adding content for best RSC Play!

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hey all,

Wanna inform everyone on the demons and dragons.
First the black demons at bandit camp and black dragons under lava maze a removed.
They have been re-added into the caged area in the wild where the red dragon are located(29 wild).

Easter Eggs -  be sure to use up your colored eggs over the next week as the Mr.Easter Bunny will be taking off.

After this there will be a new Guy in town called Dimintheis that will run the next Event. Up for grabs will be multiple colored Halloween Masks, Pumpkins, possible Scythe! There Should be a powerful sorcery Boss and other tasks to do throughout this event, so Take the time to train up a character! Mage, Range, and Melee will come in handy.

all the Best

Happy Easter RSCAREA Apr 04 2021

sup everyone, ~Happy Easter~

Drop Parties and Events level 3 box off for Bunny Ears, 38 Capture the Flag winning team gets event notes. More posted on the top of Homepage when a date is set or they will just happen while people are playing.
Mr and Mrs Easter Bunny. Every hourish they will hide 5 different colored easter eggs and then initiate a Easter Egg Hunt.
After you have collected a nice sum of different colored eggs then you can talk to the Bunnys in Edgeville. The Shop has the 5 different colored gnome robe and matching hat sets, Marshmellow Peeps, Chocolate bunny, Jelly Beans, and a Magical Easter Egg!
Marshmellow Peeps -  Eating this candy will boost a players Attack experience 100,000!!
Chocolate bunny - Eating this candy will boost a players Defense experience 100,000!!
Jelly Beans - Eating this candy will boost a players Strength experience 100,000!!
Magical Easter Egg - Crack it open for a chance at rares and items including Dragon armours and weapons, Elf Hat, Scythe, and Bunny Ears!

Ruby and Diamond amulets can now be charged on an Atlar with 10,000gp. This will give ability to teleport to Edgeville.
command ::list to see other players online.
Using a RSCArea Sub card has added text.

New RSCAREA game Client. Players had issues with newer high resolutions screen not displaying the game correctly, so most of them visuals should be fixed now. Dropping items and dropx should be changed to drop better(still may need to hit enter when opening a dropx box to bring up a star to begin typing).
Chat length has been extended.

Happy Egg Hunting on RSCAREA
ps.more killing involved event after easter and Slayer Hunt 2 is still being worked on.


1: Cwk3t
2: Sixty9below0
3: matt
4: runbi
5: dreamcat
6: Bald
7: xor
8: Nitro
9: Apelsin
10: React
Experience Rates
All Skills
5x or Subbed 10x
Combat Skills Wilderness
25x or Subbed 30x
+10x Edgeville Boost


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